Independence Through Interdependence

Promoting Alcohol Fuel in the San Francisco Bay Area

Connecting People for Action.

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Who We Are:

Californians who promote a rapid transition to renewable, regenerative fuels. Our focus is appropriate scale alcohol fuel production, in order to:

  • Bolster our energy independence.
  • Create economic opportunity.
  • Protect and enhance our environment.
  • Support sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Create and support local business.
  • Renew and energize our local community.

  • This site is dedicated to connecting local people in order to promote action. Here are some examples of what local action can produce. Click here to find out why we are so passionate about alcohol fuels. We believe that knowledge and information is essential to any successful endeavor and, in this spirit, we have gathered and maintain an extensive list of resources for those who are interested in alcohol fuels. When you are ready to move on to action, please click here for instructions on joining our Yahoo group, or e-mail the moderator with the following information:

  • "I'd like to join your group" in the subject line
  • In the body of the e-mail:
    1. Your name (first and last)
    2. Your e-mail address
    3. Your location (city and state)
    4. Brief discussion of your interest in alcohol fuels
    5. How you learned about us

    This is a moderated group devoted to connecting local people who have complimentary skills, interests, and resources necessary to turn ideas into action.

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